Challenging Climate

41. David Keith on Climate Systems Engineering

December 12, 2023 Jesse Reynolds and Pete Irvine
Challenging Climate
41. David Keith on Climate Systems Engineering
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David Keith is a Professor in the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago and the Founding Faculty Director of the Climate Systems Engineering initiative. Keith previously led the development of Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program.

In this episode, we discuss Keith’s Climate Systems Engineering initiatives, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and geoengineering techniques. Drawing on David’s decades of expertise, we dive deep into topics such as CDR, solar geoengineering, ice sheet geoengineering.


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Intro and background
What is Climate Systems Engineering?
Has there been a paradigm shift in geoengineering research?
Open system CDR: what topics warrant more attention?
Climate model scenarios: too optimistic about CDR scale-up?
What will happen once we reach Net Zero?
Solar Radiation Management
Outdoor experiments for SRM
Ice sheet geoengineering: is it plausible?
What is your greatest contribution to climate science?
Climate change community - what’s been working well and not working?
What gives you optimism?