Challenging Climate

26. The Anniversary Special

December 27, 2022 Jesse Reynolds and Pete Irvine
Challenging Climate
26. The Anniversary Special
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Our year-end special celebrates the one-year anniversary of the Challenging Climate podcast. In this episode, Pete and Jesse reflect on the past 25 episodes, whether we achieved our vision for the podcast thus far, how we’ve navigated controversial guest speakers and learning to balance diversity of thought. 

Looking forward into 2023, we discuss new topics we want to explore, and old topics we hope to dive into at greater depths and different angles. Have any ideas for future topics or guest speakers? 

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Reflecting on Challenging Climate
Some of our personal favourite episodes
Episodes that went beyond: sustainability, tech, well-being
Sneak peek into upcoming episodes
What makes a good podcast episode?
Potential future episode topics (We want to hear from you!)
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