Challenging Climate

11. Jesse and Pete interview each other

May 31, 2022 Jesse Reynolds and Pete Irvine Episode 11
Challenging Climate
11. Jesse and Pete interview each other
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In this episode Jesse and Pete interview each other and look back on the first 10 episodes of Challenging Climate. They discuss their backgrounds, research, and Jesse's new job as Executive Secretary of the Climate Overshoot Commission. They also reflect on how the podcast has been going and look ahead to the future.

Jesse Reynolds is an expert in international environmental policy. He researches and advises on how rules, procedures, and institutions can help manage environmental opportunities and challenges, particularly those involving emerging technologies.

Pete Irvine is a lecturer (assistant professor) at UCL Earth Sciences where he teaches climate science and researches the climate response to solar geoengineering as well as its broader implications.


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Jesse's Background
Jesse's solar geoengineering research
The climate overshoot commission
Pete's Background
The effects of solar geoengineering
Reflecting on Challenging Climate so far
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