Challenging Climate

8. Jan Minx on the IPCC's latest report on mitigation

April 19, 2022 Jesse Reynolds and Pete Irvine Episode 8
Challenging Climate
8. Jan Minx on the IPCC's latest report on mitigation
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We speak with Jan Minx, Head of Applied Sustainability Science at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, and a visiting Professor of Climate Change and Public Policy at The Priestley Centre at the University of Leeds. Jan has published widely on climate and sustainability issues and has a keen interest in evidence synthesis which he developed through his work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Jan was a coordinating lead author on the latest IPCC assessment report on mitigation and in this episode, he shares his take-aways from the report. We discuss the roles of individual choice, technological development, and carbon dioxide removal in meeting our climate goals. Jan also explains how thinking systematically about evidence synthesis can lead to better reviews of the literature and better research overall.


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Introduction and background
Key take-aways from the IPCC report on mitigation
What the IPCC report says about carbon dioxide removal
What are the low-hanging fruit for climate action?
The staggering scale of carbon dioxide removal in emissions scenarios
Temperature overshoot
Doing evidence synthesis well
Carbon footprints
Is a high carbon footprint sinful?
Feasibility of ambitious emissions cut scenarios
Social attitudes and personal consumption choices